Preschool Accreditation

Preschool Accreditation
Posted on 03/14/2019
Huntington Schools Preschool was recently certified as a Level 3 Paths to Quality Preschool. Huntington Schools Preschool was recently certified as a Level 3 Paths to Quality Preschool. Our Preschool is located in Flint Springs Elementary School. The Paths to Quality certification process is lengthy, taking approximately 18 months to complete. It was truly a team effort that involved the entire Preschool team. This work and resulting certification exemplifies the HCCSC Core Values of High Expectations, High Achievement, and Accountability as well as Continuous Improvement for All. 

The Paths to Quality Process involves meeting specific criteria in order to be approved as a Level 1, 2, or 3 Paths facility. These criteria include student-to-teacher ratio, content provided in classrooms, developmental practices such as learning through play, safety protocols, adequate certification and ongoing training for all staff members in the program. 

This process also allows opportunities to receive funding assistance for the program. These opportunities are embedded within the system, assisting with professional development materials, supplies for the classroom, and incentive items for teachers. It also opens up the opportunity to receive future grant dollars for early learning that are only available to high quality care programs that have been recognized through Paths.  

Finally, the organization that coaches and guides the team through the Paths process, Childcare Solutions, offers free Professional Development specifically to those in our early childhood program. Typically this is not Professional Development that we are able to provide through the district, or it would come with a cost to the corporation.  

“Many don’t realize the amount of work and care that goes into early childhood. To many who are not a part of this level of care/instruction, the connotation often associated with preschool is ‘organized play’ or ‘glorified childcare.’ There is so much more to what is done in our preschool program! Our students come to us with major delays that negatively impact their day-to-day lives, and certainly would impede their progress in the K-5 classroom. This program is our earliest form of intervention that allows students and families to learn, practice and master social structures, communication, conflict resolution and systems that reinforce the executive functioning of our kids preparing for kindergarten. What is done in these classrooms greatly impacts the level of support our students will need moving on through their school career,” explained Mrs. Aimee Lunsford, Principal of Flint Springs Elementary. 

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