May 28 Board Meeting: New Website Proposal

HCCSC Embarks on Website Revamp and Rebranding
Posted on 06/07/2024
Director of Marketing & Communications Kenny Butler

In a recent public school board meeting held on May 28, 2024, Director of Marketing and Communications Kenny Butler presented a comprehensive review of the current website infrastructure of Huntington County Community Schools. The meeting, aimed at exploring alternatives to improve website functionality, featured an in-depth analysis of various vendors over the past several months.

Butler, responsible for managing all aspects related to the district's website, highlighted the importance of the website as the primary hub for disseminating information and facilitating community engagement. He emphasized the need for clarity in the mission, goals, and objectives of the district and individual schools, aiming to encourage active involvement from all stakeholders.

The existing website, hosted by Presence, has encountered challenges, including limited support and outdated backend systems. Butler outlined several potential alternatives, including Smartsites, Apptegy, and Finalsite. After thorough evaluation, Finalsite emerged as the preferred option due to its robust developer base, extensive design options, and seamless integration with mobile platforms.

One of the key considerations in the decision-making process was the integration of ParentSquare, the district's primary communication platform. Finalsite demonstrated compatibility with ParentSquare, ensuring streamlined communication between the district, parents, and students.

The proposal presented by Mr. Butler outlined a five-year agreement with Finalsite, offering a professional look, enhanced design options, and improved functionality. Despite potential challenges such as varying costs and longer development timelines, the board recognized the need for a comprehensive solution to address the shortcomings of the current website.

Following a motion to approve the agreement, the board unanimously voted in favor of upgrading the HCCSC website with Finalsite. Board members commended Butler for his diligent research and thorough presentation, acknowledging the significance of the website as a vital tool for communication and community engagement.

With plans to implement the new website by January 1, 2025, Huntington County Community Schools are poised to enhance accessibility and functionality, providing stakeholders with an improved online experience and facilitating greater collaboration within the community.

In addition to website upgrades, the board also discussed initiatives related to school branding. Butler presented an agreement with Brand Innovation Group (BIG) for the branding of school mascots. The proposal aimed to modernize and update existing mascots across all schools in the district, ensuring consistency and alignment with the district's branding efforts.

The board approved the agreement with BIG, signaling a commitment to enhancing school branding initiatives across the district. With these efforts, Huntington County Community Schools are poised to strengthen their identity and foster a sense of pride among students, staff, and the wider community.

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