Great Strides with RoboKind

Students Develop Confidence in Phonics and Social-Emotional Skills
Posted on 02/29/2024
Licoln Elementary Teacher Cari Neal

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, technological advancements continually present opportunities to enhance the learning experience. As recipients of the 23-24 Senator David C. Ford Educational Technology Program Grant, HCCSC purchased additional tools and robots designed by RoboKind to foster and enhance learning experiences for students at the elementary level.  Indiana Senator Andy Zay observes Lincoln Elementary Teacher Cari Neal in the classroom alongside Veda, the RoboKind robot.

RoboKind, with its humanoid design and interactive capabilities, represents a significant leap forward in educational technology. Its ability to engage students on multiple levels, from providing personalized instruction to fostering social-emotional skills, makes it a valuable asset in modern classrooms.  “Results and feedback from students and staff alike have been exceptional.  I wish I would have had a tool like this at home to help foster and develop skills for my children,” states Neal.

One of the most compelling aspects of RoboKind is its capacity to individualize instruction. Adaptive learning algorithms can tailor lessons to meet each student's specific needs and learning styles. This level of customization ensures that every student is included, regardless of their academic background or abilities.  By catering to individual learning paces and preferences, RoboKind empowers students to progress at their speed, ultimately leading to improved academic outcomes through social-emotional, and phonics lessons.  Furthermore, RoboKind serves as a bridge to inclusivity by providing support for students with diverse learning needs.  RoboKind's humanoid form and programmed social cues can facilitate communication and social interaction.

Beyond its instructional capabilities, RoboKind also cultivates crucial social-emotional skills in students. Through interactive scenarios and role-playing exercises, it fosters empathy, communication, and collaboration—essential skills for success in both academic and real-world settings. By engaging with RoboKind, students develop a deeper understanding of human interaction and emotional intelligence, skills that are increasingly valued in today's interconnected world.  “Students often engage with our robot, Veda, daily as a group, which allows students to participate in social cues in a safe space where they can also learn from each other,” states Mrs. Neal.

RoboKind working alongside Mrs. Neal revealed the importance of the use of Veda as a resource and not a replacement.  Without the guidance and experience of Mrs. Neal directing the instruction and engaging with the students, both in a group setting and individually, Veda would not develop the results.  As Mrs. Neal quickly pivots into individualized instruction, her student Gage is eagerly waiting for instruction.  Mrs. Neal shows the range of functionality with Veda in focusing on phonics with Gage. Through various activities, Gage proves mastery in understanding long ‘a’ and short ‘a’.  Gage is quick to share his excitement with the observers in the classroom.

The evidence is clear that Mrs. Neal, alongside Veda, is developing confidence in students in essential skills that will allow them to thrive.  “We are so grateful to have Mrs. Neal on our team.  She is willing to take risks in trying new methods and has a ‘whatever it takes mentality’ to serve the needs of every student who walks through the doors of our school,” states Lincoln Elementary Assistant Principal Kaley Barnes.  The use of RoboKind in the classroom represents a significant step forward in educational innovation. Having valuable tools alongside passionate and driven educators creates the opportunity for students to build confidence, create ownership in their learning, and direct students toward success in an ever-evolving world.

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