April 22 Board Meeting: Student Success on SAT

Huntington North's SAT Presentation Highlights Student Success and Academic Growth
Posted on 04/23/2024
Assistant Principal Jarod Hammel presents Vikings and SAT

Huntington, IN – In the recently scheduled school board meeting, Assistant Principal Jarod Hammel shared insightful details about the school's students and their performance on the SAT. The presentation emphasized the school's commitment to academic growth and the importance of college readiness.

Director of Secondary Education Chuck Brimbury kicked off the evening by expressing his enthusiasm for the strides made by students under the leadership of individuals like Mr. Hammel, Mr. McLaughlin, Ms. Brown, and our educators. He highlighted the significant academic progress achieved at Huntington North and stressed the importance of making academic growth a central part of the conversation.  Mr. Hammel then delves into the intricacies of SAT performance and the dedicated efforts invested by both students and educators at Huntington North.

Changes to the SAT Platform

Mr. Hammel outlined substantial changes in the SAT format, noting that the exam has evolved significantly over the years. He highlighted how the test now adapts to students' performance, becoming progressively challenging based on their answers. “The SAT is not merely an academic exercise but a measurement of college readiness,” states Hammel.

Understanding SAT Benchmarks

During his presentation, Mr. Hammel clarified the concept of SAT benchmarks and their significance in determining college readiness. He explained that achieving benchmark scores reflects a high likelihood of success in college-level courses, establishing a strong foundation for students' academic journeys.

Preparation Efforts at Huntington North

Mr. Hammel commended the proactive steps taken by Huntington North to prepare students for the SAT. Notably, he highlighted a unique initiative where students voluntarily participated in full-length SAT practice sessions, demonstrating the school's commitment to academic excellence.

Performance Snapshot and Future Goals

Providing preliminary data, Mr. Hammel showcased the school's performance relative to state averages. While celebrating achievements in English proficiency, he acknowledged the need for continued improvement in mathematics. Jared emphasized the school's dedication to supporting all students.

Looking Ahead

In closing, Mr. Hammel underscored the importance of ongoing efforts to enhance academic rigor and ensure students' success in various post-secondary pathways. He expressed optimism about future improvements, particularly in mathematics programming, to better equip students for college-bound aspirations.

The school's commitment to academic excellence remains steadfast, setting a benchmark for continuous improvement and student success.

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