April 22 Board Meeting: Summer Food Programs & Meal Prices

HCCSC Approves Summer Food Service and Meal Prices for 2024-2025
Posted on 04/30/2024
Director of Food Service Alex Burgess

Huntington, IN – At the recent board meeting, key proposals related to the district's food services were discussed and approved for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.

Director of Food Services, Alex Burgess, presented the annual Summer Food Service Program proposal. This program, which has expanded significantly over the years, serves students across 14 different locations within Huntington County. Burgess highlighted the inclusion of breakfast services for Kinder Camp and Jumpstart programs at elementary schools, emphasizing the essential support this initiative provides to students who rely on school meals. The proposal, aimed at breaking even financially while providing vital services to students, was unanimously approved by the board.

Following the approval of the summer program, Burgess then presented proposed meal prices for the next school year. Noting the rising costs of food supplies and labor, Burgess recommended modest increases to meal prices. Elementary school lunch prices would see a 10-cent increase, while middle and high school lunch prices would rise by 20 cents. Despite the proposed adjustments, breakfast would remain free for all students, in alignment with recent efforts to support student nutrition. The board approved these adjustments to ensure financial sustainability within the food services department.

Lastly, the board considered the renewal of the district's contract with Food to Schools (F2S), a cooperative that provides significant discounts on food products. Burgess emphasized the benefits of this partnership, which has facilitated substantial cost savings for the district's food procurement needs. The contract renewal with F2S was unanimously approved by the board.

During the meeting, board members expressed appreciation for Burgess's leadership and the dedicated efforts of the food services team in supporting student nutrition throughout the school year and summer break. The board acknowledged the critical role that school meals play in the lives of students, particularly those who rely on them as a primary source of nutrition.

In closing remarks, the school board reiterated the district's commitment to ensuring access to nutritious meals for all students and praised the collaborative efforts of the food services department in achieving this goal.

The approved proposals reflect HCCSC's ongoing dedication to student welfare and the provision of essential services to support educational success. As the district looks ahead to the new academic year, these initiatives underscore its commitment to holistic student support.

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