iPad Usage Guide

Elementary Student iPad Usage

    • The policies, procedures, and information within this document apply to all student iPads used in the Huntington County Community School Corporation (HCCSC), including any other device considered by the Administration to come under this policy. Teachers may set additional reasonable requirements for use in their classroom.
  2. Receiving your iPad
    • iPads will be distributed by classroom teachers at the start of the school year. Parents & students must sign and return the Technology Responsible Usage Policy (RUP), iPad Acceptable Use/Student Pledge (SP), and iPad Damage, Repair, & Replacement Agreement (DRRA) before the iPad can be issued to their student. These forms can be signed during the online registration process.
  3. iPads Use at Home
    • Grades K-2: iPads will primarily be utilized at school. The iPads will remain at school for the first nine weeks of the school year as students learn how to utilize and take care of the iPads. Beginning the second nine weeks, the iPads and charging blocks may be sent home with students to complete assignments or projects at the teacher’s discretion. iPads and charging blocks will also be sent home for prescheduled eLearning Days for staff professional development or in anticipation for weather related eLearning Days.
  4. Returning your iPad
    • iPads will be returned back to HCCSC during the final week of school. If a student transfers out of HCCSC during the school year, the iPad must be returned at that time to the front office. Students who withdraw, are suspended or expelled, or terminate enrollment at HCCSC for any other reason must return their individual school iPad with accessories on the date of termination. Parents/guardians will be charged the full cost of the iPad if it is not returned upon withdrawal from school.The failure to return the school issued iPad will be considered theft or conversion of the device and this action will be turned over to local law enforcement for prosecution purposes.
    • Furthermore, the student will be responsible for any damage to the iPad, consistent with HCCSC’s iPad Damage, Repair, & Replacement Agreement (DRRA) and must return the device to the front office in satisfactory condition. The student will be charged a fee for any needed repairs, not to exceed the replacement cost of the iPad.
  5. Student-Owned Devices
    • Should a student and his/her parent/guardian choose to purchase their own iPad 5th Generation 2017 or newer version for school use, the student and parent/guardian must understand that the device will need to be sent to school daily and will be regulated by the same rules and requirements as if it was a school-owned device. This includes, but is not limited to, the responsible use policy, iPad agreement, student handbook, and all appropriate laws and regulations.
    • The iPad is school property and all users will follow this policy and the HCCSC Responsible Use Policy for this technology. Students are responsible for the general care of the iPad they have been issued by the school. iPads that are broken or fail to work properly must be taken as soon as possible to an HCCSC representative for an evaluation of the equipment.
  2. General Precautions
    • Only use a clean, soft, dry cloth to clean the screen. Do not use cleansers of any type.
  • Cords and cables must be inserted and removed carefully into the iPad to prevent damage.
  • iPads must remain free of any writing, drawing, stickers, or labels that are not the property of the HCCSC. Students should NOT remove the corporation label at any time.
  • iPads must never be left in an unlocked locker, unlocked car, or any unsupervised area.
  • Students are responsible for keeping their iPad’s battery charged for school each day regardless of whether they are kept at school or sent home.
  • Cameras/video tools should only be used appropriately with teacher permission.
  • Protect iPads from exposure to any liquid (rain, drinks, cleansers, etc.)
  1. iPad Care
    • It is required that the iPad be in the school issued protective case at all times. iPads may not be removed from the school issued case at any time.
    • Backpacks that hold other objects (such as folders and textbooks), should not be used to carry iPads to avoid placing too much pressure and weight on the iPad screen
    • Do not lean on the top of the iPad when it is closed.
    • Do not place anything near the iPad that could put pressure on the screen.
    • Do not place anything in the carrying case that will press against the cover.
    • Clean the screen with a soft, dry cloth or anti-static cloth.
    • Do not “bump” the iPad against lockers, walls, car doors, floors, etc.
  2. iPads Left at Home
    • If students leave their iPad at home, they are responsible for getting the course work completed as if they had their iPad present.
  3. iPad Undergoing Repair
    • Loaner iPads may be issued from the Technology Lab Assistant to students when their iPads are being repaired. There may be a delay in getting an iPad should the school not have enough to loan.
  4. Screen Savers/Background Photos
    • Inappropriate media may not be used as a screensaver or background photo. Inappropriate media includes but is not limited to the presence of guns, weapons, pornographic materials, inappropriate language, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and gang-related symbols or pictures and will result in disciplinary actions.
  5. Home Internet Access
    • Students are allowed to set up wireless networks on their iPads. Printing at home would require a specific make/model printer at this time, proper settings on the iPad, and the correct app. Home wireless Internet access is not required by HCCSC; while helpful, most educational activities can be completed offline.
  6. Individual Student Passwords
    • HCCSC recommends that students set a personal password on their iPad in order to secure the content of the iPad. However, if a student forgets his/her password it is important that the student take the iPad directly to the media center so that the password can be reset. If the student repeatedly incorrectly guesses the wrong password, the iPad will be locked up and will have to be reimaged. This will cause the student to lose content.
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