April 8 Work Session: Huntington Department of Health & Water in the Town of Andrews

Public Health Officials Address Water Safety Concerns in Andrews
Posted on 04/09/2024
Environmental Health Specialist Alicia Symons and Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Pflieger

In the recent public work session held by the local school board, Dr. Matt Pflieger  and Alicia Symons from the Health Department addressed concerns regarding water safety in Andrews, shedding light on the ongoing issues and measures taken to ensure public health.

Dr. Pflieger initiated the discussion by highlighting the significance of the matter, particularly due to the presence of approximately 400 students in a building located in Andrews. He emphasized the importance of bringing in representatives from the health department to provide detailed explanations and address community concerns.

The discussion aimed to provide transparency and allow for dialogue between the school board and health officials regarding water testing procedures and safety measures in place. Dr. Pflieger stressed the need for a comprehensive understanding of the situation, especially in light of recent investigations by Lieutenant Governor Crouch.

Following Dr. Pflieger's introduction, Alicia Symons, an Environmental Health Specialist at the Huntington Health Department, delved into the specifics of the water situation in Andrews. With her expertise in environmental management and policy, Symons provided an overview of the contaminants found in the water and the measures taken to mitigate health risks.

She explained the process of determining contaminants, monitoring levels, and ensuring compliance with EPA standards. Symons reassured the audience that despite historical issues dating back to the 1990s, recent data indicated that contaminants were below detection levels and well within acceptable limits set by regulatory agencies.

Throughout the presentation, Symons addressed questions from the board and community members, clarifying technical details and providing insights into long-term solutions. She highlighted ongoing efforts to monitor water quality regularly and emphasized the role of independent testing agencies in ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Dr. Pflieger echoed Symons' remarks, emphasizing the importance of fact-based discussions and proactive measures to address community concerns. He acknowledged the need for a long-term solution to the water issues in Andrews while reaffirming the commitment to prioritize public safety.

In conclusion, the meeting provided residents with valuable insights into the complexities of water safety management in Andrews. By engaging with health officials and addressing community concerns, the school board demonstrated its dedication to ensuring the well-being of students and residents alike.

As the conversation continues, residents can remain assured that their health and safety remain top priorities for local authorities and health professionals. Through ongoing monitoring and collaboration, efforts are underway to safeguard the water supply and address underlying issues effectively.

See the slideshow provided by the Huntington Health Department linked below.
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