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HCCSC Wellness Program

June 1st 2022- May 31st 2023 Incentive Year

Those who completed the wellness exam and submitted the appropriate form to VitalIncite should be seeing a deposit into your HSA account in July.

If you are uncertain if your form was received, it would be a good idea to try sending again.

You have until May 31st to get your form submitted to VitalIncite. See the contact

information at the bottom of the physical form in the folder below.

June 1st 2023 – May 31st 2024 Incentive Year

The HCCSC Insurance Trust is well aware that our membership achieved varying levels of success and frustration with last years’ incentive process. We hope that with that process established, the 2023-2024 incentive year will be much smoother.

Any employee actively enrolled with HCCSC Insurance by January 1st 2024, will be

eligible to receive the HSA incentive payout.

The only requirement for your wellness incentive deposit in 2024 will be to

complete a wellness physical and biometric screening with your preferred

physician. (See the wellness flyer in the 23-24 Benefits folder below)

Navigate to the 23-24 Benefits & Coverage folder to access physical form and wellness incentive flyer.

The HSA payout will be $700. As our plan year progresses, we will be

evaluating the feasibility of that dollar amount. If changes occur, you will be

notified before open enrollment in the fall.

Important Additional Information:

When scheduling with and talking to your provider, it is your responsibility to make sure they understand that the exam is a wellness exam, and you should not be charged for it. (You should NOT be charged for a preventative screening or routine blood draw. If you are, this is a coding issue with your provider. The appropriate codes for the preventative screenings are on the physical form if there is any question.)

The Parkview walk-in clinics will not provide wellness exams. These exams are outside their scope of service. The primary intent of the wellness screening is to form a relationship with a primary care physician if one does not exist.

The HCCSC Insurance Trust continually evaluates our plans and our network. Because 
of this, there may be different opportunities regarding HSAs when open enrollment comes around in the fall. These potential opportunities will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Matt Stephenson
HCCSC Insurance Trust President

Employee Assistance Program

HCCSC offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Parkview. The Parkview Employee Assistance Program can help you and your family members with a variety of difficult situations. The EAP counselors are knowledgeable in a variety of areas including:

  • Alcohol and drug dependence

  • Crisis intervention

  • Divorce survival

  • Emotional difficulties

  • Family and marital problems

  • Financial education

  • Personal and work stress

  • Troubled teenagers

Your confidential EAP services are provided to you and your family members who reside in the family’s home at no cost to you. You can contact Parkview EAP for an appointment by calling 260-266-8060 or toll free 1-800-721-8809.

Parkview EAP is also offering video counseling services to individuals 18 years of age or older and residing in the family’s home. Video counseling sessions are only available during regular business hours and must occur while the individual is within the State of Indiana. For additional information about video counseling, please see the attached flyer. 

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