iPad Damage, Repair, Replacement

Please see the following policies on iPad Damage Repair and Replacement for School Owned Devices.

School Owned Device:

All optional student grades K-5 iPad insurance (formerly Break/Fix for iPads) are due Tuesday, October 31, 2024 by the end of the school day. This optional insurance does not cover the cost of repair or replacement of intentional damage or loss of a device. Invoices for this $25 optional insurance will be mailed by the first full week of school.

Parents/guardians who choose not to pay the student grades K-5 iPad insurance or if the insurance is not paid by October 31, 2024 will be responsible for the full cost of repair should the iPad become damaged under any circumstance.

Parents of students on free or reduced are still responsible for the optional student grades K-5 insurance if you choose coverage. This insurance is exempt from the new legislation regarding no charges for curriculum materials and is still not covered by state textbook reimbursement.


Damaged iPad –  Insurance Paid

Damaged iPad – Insurance Not Paid

Lost iPad

1st Occurrence – No Charge

1st Occurrence – $50

1st Occurrence – Current value of device

2nd Occurrence – No Charge

2nd Occurrence – $50

2nd Occurrence – Current value of device

3rd (or more) Occurrence - Full cost of repair

3rd (or more) Occurrence – Full cost of repair

3rd (or more) Occurrence - Current value of device

Damaged Charging Block or Cord – Insurance Paid

Lost Charging Block or Cord OR  Insurance NOT Paid

Damaged iPad Protective Case

1st Occurrence – No Charge

Any Occurrence – Charging cord only = $10

Any Occurrence - $18

2nd Occurrence – No Charge

Any Occurrence – Charging block only = $20


3rd or more Occurrence –

Full cost of charging block and/or cord $30

Any Occurrence – Both charging block & cord = $30


  • Charging Blocks & Cords: Each elementary student will be issued a block and cord along with his/her iPad. After the second break or damage to the cord and/or charging block parents/guardians will be required to purchase a new cord and/or block according to the above chart.
  • Protective Cases: Students are NOT to remove the iPad from the school issued protective case for any reason. If there is an issue that may require the case to be removed, the student should take the iPad to the Technology Lab Assistant. Removing an iPad from the protective case and causing damage to the iPad while outside of the case may result in a higher repair fee.
  • Failure to return school issued iPad: If the school issued iPad is not returned at the end of the school year or upon withdrawal from this school district or upon moving to another school district, the failure to return the school issued iPad will be considered theft or conversion of the device and this action will be turned over to local law enforcement for prosecution purposes.
  • Lost/stolen iPads: HCCSC will make every attempt to locate lost and stolen iPads utilizing the GPS feature. Any reported theft of an iPad will be fully investigated and reported to authorities. The student will not be charged to replace an iPad that is confirmed to be stolen.
  • Intentional Damage: Students/Parents are responsible for full payment of intentional damages to the iPad. Warranty and the HCCSC Break/Fix Insurance DOES NOT cover intentional damage of the iPad. This would also include intentional damage to another student’s iPad.
  • “Jailbreaking” the device results in the loss of the Apple warranty through HCCSC. Parents & students will then be responsible for any and all fees and/or replacement of the iPad.


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